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The World’s most Authentic & Holistic Coffee Experience

In our coffee shops we provide an opportunity to our guests for “Tasting the World” through our extraordinary product line. Our coffee drinks are always made from freshly roasted Arabica plantation coffee curiosities sorted by hand. We offer more than 70 different coffee recipes from the major coffee “kitchens” of the world. Above these 'Adventurers Coffee of the Month' & 'Limited Edition Plantation Coffee' offer special items on the menu. We have our own loose-leaf tea blends, hot and cold chocolate drinks, homemade lemonades and shakes and so on.


We also offer an interesting variety of bakery and confectionary products along with our World Bistro savoury-food selection. CAFE FREI has its own product lines, including traditional savouries, exotic international food assortments and sweet bakery products, produced in our own plant. We carry on continuous developments regarding all of these selections.


Our coffee shops are modern, youthful, vibrantly energetic places, where Wi-Fi facilities await our curtomers as well as occasional music nights or book shows!

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