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What does Cafe Frei's Trading with Conscience mean?

It means much more than simply trading fairly... Firstly, we buy coffees from those plantations where the farm owners support the local clean water project (we believe this is the single most important issue in Africa) and support the local school system (second most important issue in developing the continent).


Secondly, trading with conscience means not just being fair to the local producers but being fair to our customers. The coffee trade is a very long chain. Too often there are many middle men involved. Their activities (buying and re-selling) increases the price of the green coffee tenfold between the plantations and the western world. So our conscientious trade means that we buy as directly as possible from the growers and don't make the western customers pay more than needed for the coffee. To be fair with our growers and to be fair with our customers is equally important to us.


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